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Sculpting Nature, Enhancing Homes in Cheltenham

Discover the artistry of tree care with ACW Trees, your go-to partner for expert residential tree services in Cheltenham. We specialise in pruning, tree shaping, hedge trimming, and more, working tirelessly to elevate the beauty, safety, and value of your residential spaces.

Pruning: In horticulture, pruning is an art, and at ACW Trees, we bring this artistry to your doorstep. Winter pruning takes centre stage, a delicate dance to remove or reduce plant parts that hinder growth, compromise aesthetics, or impede plant health. The winter months unfold a symphony of skilled hands sculpting trees with precision, all while ensuring minimal disruption to the land beneath.

Hedge Trimming: Hedges are the green boundaries of your home, and at ACW Trees, we understand their significance. Our teams of two are meticulous in hedge trimming, offering formative pruning for young hedges and regular maintenance to keep them dense, neat, and within bounds. Whether it's blocking noise, pollution, or unsightly views, we shape hedges to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your residential haven.

Tree Shaping: Tree shaping, also known as pooktre, transcends traditional tree care. ACW Trees bring an artistic touch to your landscape, embracing methods like pleaching, bonsai, espalier, and topiary. Using grafting to induce living trunks, branches, and roots into artistic designs, we create living sculptures that captivate and inspire.

Residential Tree Care in Cheltenham

As winter blankets Cheltenham, ACW Trees ramps up its pruning efforts. The focus is on precision and tidying, ensuring your trees are primed for the coming seasons. Larger projects are put on hold, respecting the vulnerability of the land beneath.


With the arrival of summer, our attention turns to shaping and removals. Be it sculpting trees into artistic designs or carefully removing those that pose a risk or no longer harmonise with your vision, ACW Trees ensures your residential landscape thrives under the summer sun.

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Beyond residential endeavours, ACW Trees is strategically expanding into commercial work. This vision ensures a steady revenue stream, allowing us to continue providing top-notch residential tree services. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains unwavering as we grow our roots in both sectors.


Choose ACW Trees for a harmonious blend of artistic tree care and functional landscaping. Contact us today to transform your Cheltenham residence into a verdant masterpiece.


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